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Sustainable Sourcing involves business practices that integrate the environmental, social and ethical factors into the sourcing processes. At Tata Global Beverages, from the selection of suppliers to processing and packeting, our methods go beyond economic considerations. We believe in and are committed to implementing sustainable practices into our processes.

By transforming procurement strategies through sustainable practices, we at Tata help maximize value while minimizing the costs. Sustainable sourcing strategies ensure that the environmental demands, safety, social necessities and the working conditions of the tea communities are met with.

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Tetley Is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified

The Rainforest Alliance is a non-profit organization, which aims at conserving the biodiversity and ensuring a sustainable livelihood. Our commitment to source all our teas from Rainforest Alliance certified farms is by far a reflection of our commitment to the future of the tea industry.

All Tetley tea sold in Europe, Middle East, America, Canada and Australia are Rain Forest Alliance certified. The “green frog” on the Tetley packs indicate that our teas are purchased from farms which follow sustainable agricultural practices, conserve biodiversity and promote community development.

The Rain Forest certification is provided only after rigorous independent assessments of the farms. Our partnership with the Rainforest Alliance ™ is a continuing effort in sustainable sourcing of Tetley tea.

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Ethical Tea Partnership

Tetley is one of the founding members of the Ethical Tea Partnership and the commitment to improve the conditions of farmers across the numerous tea regions looms large over every decision we make. The ETP works with a vision to create a socially just, environmentally sustainable and thriving tea industry. Using independent monitors to assess its performance based on the criteria laid out in the ETP standards, this initiative tackles the complex issues faced by the global tea industry. Find more about ETP, the vision, and scope here

Trustea Transforms
World’s Black Tea

Trustea, an initiative to transform the Indian domestic tea market, is an ambitious program started to implement globally accepted sustainable practices into the Indian tea industry. Tata Global Beverages is one of its founding members.

The program, in 2017, positively impacted the livelihoods of 400,000 tea plantation workers and 30,000 small farm holders. Over 500 million kg or 20% of the world’s black tea in 2017 was sustainably produced.

We at Tata are witnessing the transformation that is happening in the India tea scenario brought about by Trustea. It evaluates the social, economic, agronomic and environmental performance of the tea estates, smallholders and Bought Leaf Factories (BLFs). This way Trustea not only improves the farm’s compliance with national and international legislation but is also increasing competitiveness through safety, efficiency and resource conservation

Small Tea Growers Receive Rainforest Alliance And Trustea Certification


In an industry where certifications are largely focused on major tea plantations, the small tea growers for the first time in India have joined together for the cause of sustainability. Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company (KDHP), an associate plantation company of Tata Global Beverages in Munnar, has set the industry benchmark. They have facilitated more than 1200 small tea growers in Wayanad and Idukki regions of Kerala, to achieve the Rainforest Alliance and Trustea certifications. These farms are now the largest group of small tea growers that have made this paramount step

"Getting Rainforest Alliance and Trustea certifications have brought about increased awareness and willingness to follow sustainable agriculture practices among all farmers. Though most in the community were more or less aware of the concepts of sustainable agriculture even before the certifications were introduced, now, as a result of all the training programs, they understand the consequences of irresponsible agriculture practices. Now there is a whole-hearted effort from all farmers to rectify the mistakes of the past so that there is better productivity in our farms. We are happy that KDHP decided to include us in this program and that they continue to provide us with support in the form of sound technical advice and farm inputs."

Mr. Thankachan, Secretary of Travancore Tea Farmers Society (TTFS)


Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

Tetley is committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices in its supply chain, supporting profitable tea farming

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Tata Global Beverages is committed to make efficient use of resources and reduce environmental impact without compromising product quality and safety

Volunteering & Community Development

Leadership In Sustainable Manufacturing

Tetley's Eaglescliffe factory's efforts to drive efficiency and safety are guided by its foremost goal of being an ethically, socially and environment

Climate Change

Climate Change

Our climate strategy focuses on promoting sustainable agricultural practices towards climate change adaptation and sustainable forestry