CEO's Message


CEO's Message

No matter the size of the business, sustainability has become a critical aspect of organizational planning, providing them with a larger purpose. Embracing sustainable practices is crucial to all businesses today as our future- the future of the planet, the future of all the people inhabiting it, depends on this.

Sustainability is defined to be the ability to provide for the present without compromising the needs of the generations to come. Sustainability thrives on three factors - economical, environmental and social. The implementation of a successful agenda for sustainability requires effective partnerships, which leads to reliable products and long-term profitability.

We work with the firm belief that a sustainable business generates long-term values for all its stakeholders, beyond financial returns. Sustainably produced products get a positive buying attitude from consumers, invoke pride in employees and business partners making them engage better with an ethically driven business. Moreover, these practices bring about positive long-term returns that can be a significant selling point to investors. Also, these businesses support the development of the community and co-exist with them in harmony.


At Tata Consumer Products we have integrated five core principles into all our strategies-

Sustainable Sourcing: All of the Tetley teas sold in Europe, Middle East, America, Canada and Australia are Rain Forest Alliance certified. The “green frog” logo on our packs indicate that our teas are purchased from that follow sustainable agricultural practices, conserve biodiversity and promote community development.

Climate Change Management: The incorporation of climate change into the company strategy has helped us generate greater operational efficiencies and cost savings, more resilient supply chains and enhanced corporate reputation among stakeholders. We have reduced our carbon footprint intensity by half in the past five years and were featured in the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI - India).

Community Development: By creating shared community values, we have positively impacted the lives of over 500,000 community members who produce Tetley’s tea in India, Kenya, and Malawi. Imparting knowledge on sustainable agricultural practices, providing affordable healthcare and empowering adolescent girls and women in these regions are few of the many contributions we feel we are obligated to do.

Water Management and Waste Management: Our subsidiary, Tata Coffee’s water management initiatives help meet 95% of their water requirement and most of our tea factories, globally, send zero waste to landfill. 

Tata Group, from the very beginning, has strived for sustainability - to minimize the negative impacts on the local and global environment, the economy and the community. In the words of the Group’s founder, Jamsetji Tata – "The community is not just another stakeholder in business, but is, in fact, the very purpose of its existence."